How To Build Hydroponic Systems For Top Yields

Anyone willing to start a hydroponics gardening system will realize that there are many options available, regarding how to set up a hydroponics growing system.

Whether you want to build your own set up or purchase an already made system, you need to know some things about how these systems work.

hydroponic grow systems setup instruction

For one, with a hydroponic agriculture system, you do not have to apply a lot of pesticide, which helps to ensure that air, soil, water and food remain clean.

Currently, many large scale farmers are adapting the use of hydroponics planting system because of their crucial benefits such as curbing world hunger and also ensuring that the world is clean.

There is an increased number of people purchasing the hydroponic systems which help them in growing tasty herbs and fresh food for their friends and families.

Intellectuals have also come to realize that hydroponics can also be applied in classrooms.


Many farmers today are realizing amazing productions and profits by growing their crops in greenhouses and selling their products to the local consumers and markets.

There are two important techniques you should know when growing hydroponics. These are the solution culture and medium culture. For solution culture, it does not use a solid medium for the root to rest on.

The solid medium is only used by the nutrient solution, and it may be used either periodically or continuously.

On the other hand, medium culture uses a media such as rock wool or clay balls to support the plant in which the solution is circulated. All will require either a sub or top irrigation system to circulate or replace the solution.

One uses irrigation from the bottom while the other irrigation is done over the plants or medium. It looks funny and complicated but is simple to go about it.

Realistically, the plants may be either floating or may be planted in a medium like rock wool or clay balls.

The nutrient solution and water are either fed in through the bottom of the container solution or rained over the top of the plants that drain to the bottom. These solutions are the basic portions of the system.

fed nutrient solution in a hydroponic grow system

These nutrients are bought when they are already mixed from the large-scale dealers, click here to check prices.

Many farmers would like to mix the solutions themselves, but the exercise needs some special skills to be successful.

A hydroponic growing system can be set up in a very simple way: a static solution system requires manual irrigation and drainage.

It also requires basic things like grow pots, nutrient solution, plants and sunlight/grow light.

Wires or coat hangers and PH strips can be used to support the plants matrix and test the soil acidity levels respectively.

The system should be flexible as you build it because, as time passes, you may need a larger one as well as one that does not require much of your attention.

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To cater for this, you may go for either a media based system with automatic irrigation or an automatically irrigated system for solution suspension.

Media based system is both easy to start and handle, because plants can be left to rest on the medium thus no support is needed.

Choosing the media to use will be greatly influenced by how you prefer to grow your crops, and also what is available in your area of residence.

Sand and gravel are free of charge, but they need a lot of cleaning and maintenance to use them. For example, sand needs to be purified and also should be of large particles to ease drainage.

Gravel, on the other hand, can either be acquired from a hardware store or fish tank. Good pots are needed to store them as they are heavy.

Individuals who don’t want to offer much attention to their systems can use rock wool or expanded clay, but these are more expensive.

They are not as heavy as sand and gravel and, therefore; they can be put in small containers or garden beds. Hair from the coconuts is also another readily available medium and can be used.

Lights needed in a hydroponic setup differ in use or intensity. For indoor hydroponic system, sized grow lights that fit in the garden beds and produce maximum light required by plants are the best to choose.

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Tents and closest are also important because they retain heat and are sterile, thus help to reduce energy used.

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Electric pumps and automatic timers in the hydroponic growing systems takes care of drainage and nutrients solution circulation. Large scale farmers are increasingly employing the act of growing crops without using soil daily.

The rate in which this number is growing is so high, thus the products being produced are both of high quality and quantity. This is also reducing the threats of soil borne diseases and pests to crops. Weeding is also being termed as practice of the past.

The reason why large scale farmers should indulge in hydroponic growing is high yields and rapid harvesting. Everything is now available for the large scale farmers to grow in hydroponics.

large scale hydroponics growing

Developing countries can also use hydroponic system to produce food. The systems can even be set up in such areas like deserts where soil conditions are poor. Here, the sand can be used as a growing media and sea water used to mix solutions after removing salts.

The hydroponics has taken a short time to be known across the world. Everybody has the right to access hydroponic gardening system despite the size of their condo or land.

You can set it up anywhere, and it will be fun just to see your grow mature. If you need to know more about the system, you can join our email list and will gather valuable and helpful content regarding hydroponic kits to purchase to ensure you succeed in hydroponics gardening.Save

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